You are ready to conquer the world, but somehow not enough people in this world know about the existence of your products and services. Consequently they don't know that your offering truly makes an impact. A strong, well build brand makes sure that potential clients do business with you. 

Do you recognize the following situations? 

Your company has been growing, while your brand remained the same. 

Too often you need to explain what your business does. 

Even though the positive impact of your product/service, too little people know about it. 

There is no consistency in your marketing  materials. 

Every time you brief a freelancer or a new member, you tell a different story. 

You realized that a brand consists of more than just a logo + colour scheme. 

Hello, I am Nienke Appels

And I help you to establish a strong brand, and thus create a bigger impact!


In order to create the biggest impact possible, you need to sell your product/ideas/services. A big audience and a loyal fanbase is important to really establish the change you want to see in the world. 

And here comes branding: by having a strong & unique brand, you will not only attract liked-minded customers, but also partners and even investors.  


Afraid of getting lost during your branding journey? I have the perfect solution: please find below the 3 easy steps you only have to take in order to receive the guidance you need. Why wait? You don't want to be part of 90% of start-ups that fail right? 




A discovery Call

Build your brand



Step 3: let's work together! Sessions or meeting are immediately planned so we can start making progress. The sooner you can put your strategy into practice, the sooner you can work on your brand awareness

Step 1: plan your discovery call with me. In this call (through phone or Skype) we will get to know each other, and see if there is a mutual connection. We discuss your  brand challenges with me and your vision for you brand & organization.  

Step 2: I'll come up with a proposal now your challenges are clear. It might be the case that there isn't a match. I will discuss this with you and potentially recommend one of my colleagues. 


Discuss the options

Are you ready to create more visibility & awareness with your brand? 

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