Your organization has grown, except for the corresponding brand. 

Therefore it's difficult to:

* Create a fanbase for your brand

* Increase your brand awareness

* Reach organic growth

* Establish the image you want


* Attract the right investors

* Really make impact by helping people or our environment


Therefore you are looking for someone who

* Can make a (re)branding strategy together with your (marketing) team. 

* Can take up the temporarily role of brand expert within your organization. 

* A branding enthusiastic who loves to share her knowledge about this topic with your employees or students. 

Creating a strong brand with the help of Brand Thinking Workshops

The Brand Thinking method forces you to critically look at your brand. As a certified trainer, I'll guide you and your team trough the process of connecting all the dots for your brand. Just like the Business Model Canvas, but than for you brand ;) By following this structure your are guaranteed you won't miss any important aspects. 

We will do this together as a team, as I believe that a brand already exists within a team. We plan 4 workshops that last for 3 hours. Here we cover all topics that make up a strong brand, I take care of all the materials. 

* A complete, filled-in Brand Thinking Canvas. In other words: you have a clear brand strategy on paper. 

* A personalized 'Brand Book' that contains your brand strategy including my personal recommendations. A great tool to safeguard your brand. 

* Including your mission & vision, your why, and the guidelines for both your visual & verbal identity. 

* An action plan including SMART goals that your marketing team can use to start making your brand come to live right away. 


Do you want to:

* Work in a structured manner? 

* Work with someone who delivers a strategy after one talk only?

* Work with your (marketing) team together so your (new) brand can start to live inside the organization? 

If yes, please call your  free discovery call with me right away so we can can see if I can help you with your branding challenges

The investment for this is 3000 euros excluding VAT. 

My roadmap to success: 

Before you reach out to me, I want you to know the following about me and my way of working: 

* I'm adventurous: I go off the beaten paths in search of new opportunities.


* I want to do good in this world: I love working with people and organizations who want to make a positive impact. 

* I 'm a go-getter: when I set my mind to something, I'll make sure I'll reach my goal. Therefore I like to work with other go-getters. 'Niet lullen maar poetsen!' 

* I love structure: even though I go off the beaten paths, I make sure I create a route before hand. I make sure I'll arrive at my destination safely. So you will as well.   

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