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Brand Thinking Workshops

Are you looking for ways to create a strong connection with your audience? Struggling to communicate your why clearly with the world? The Brand Thinking method forces you to critically look at your brand. As a certified trainer, I'll guide you and your team trough the process of connecting all the dots for your brand. 


- 4 half-day workshops (we will cover ALL branding related topics)

- Materials from the Brandling

- An action plan with deadlines based on the output. 

- A document that covers all output of our sessions + my recommendations.

Price:2295 euro ex VAT

The full package

Great, you have decided that you want to invest time, energy & money in creating a strong brand strategy. It is a shame though if this strategy does not come to life. I therefore created the full package: Brand Thinking workshops + follow-up from my side for a total of 3 months.  

Price:1395 euro ex VAT
Per month for 3 months


- 4 half-day workshops (we will cover ALL branding related topics)

- Everything from the Brand Thinking workshops

- Plus 8 hours per month of brand building activities based on our action planning

Brand Consult

Sometimes you come across branding questions you simply just want to get advice on. Think of questions like: should my business be present on Instagram? How do I communicate my company culture with future employees? How can I reach more customers? 

Price:125 euro ex VAT


-  1-on-1 advice from a brand expert on all your branding related questions

- Either face-to-face in Rotterdam, otherwise it's virtual.

- Insights on how to continue working on a strong brand

- Maximum of 2 hours

My roadmap to success: 

Before you reach out to me, I want you to know the following about me and my way of working: 

* I'm adventurous: I go off the beaten paths in search of new opportunities.


* I want to do good in this world: I love working with people and organizations who want to make a positive impact. 

* I 'm a go-getter: when I set my mind to something, I'll make sure I'll reach my goal. Therefore I like to work with other go-getters. 'Niet lullen maar poetsen!' 

* I love structure: even though I go off the beaten paths, I make sure I create a route before hand. I make sure I'll arrive at my destination safely. So you will as well.