My personal story

As an 18-year old I moved to California for a gap year. Here I started “blogging” about my adventures at an American university. And boy I can tell you; I had lots to write about. I also lived in Milan, Italy for 2.5 years. And funny enough I shared my stories again about my life in a foreign country, this time as part of a network of Dutch women who live abroad. This network was part of one of the biggest magazines of the country.


As I did not live an ordinary life, people were actually listening to (and reading) my stories. After California and Milan, I also lived in London for half a year and I’ve volunteered for 3 months in Taiwan. There were plenty of interesting and inspiring experiences to share if I may say so. I’ve experienced this as a nice feeling; almost comforting as I’ve felt unheard quite some times in my life, and I still don’t always feel heard.  

This probably started as a little girl in kindergarten. My teacher would invite me to perform extra assignments, as my grades were, apparently, promising. I would start motivated and determined with these language assignments, but somehow I couldn’t manage it.

Feeling Unheard

Rather than listening to my frustrations or troubles, I got kicked out of the “extra assignment group”. Multiple times. Fast forward 10 year later, my English teacher was the first person to ask me questions about my fluctuating results, and after official research I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 16 years old.

I still experience it nowadays that people literally don’t hear me. The combination of a ‘soft voice’ with a southern accent forces people to ask me: ‘Sorry, what did you just say?’ too many times. My loud group of friends would probably describe me as the quiet one in the group, as it’s physically just not possible to speak up when I’m around them. 

And I can tell you, feeling unheard is not a pleasant feeling. Therefore I make it my mission to tell stories that are worth sharing. No one should feel unheard. By telling your story, and the story of the impact you make on the world we can ignite positive change. And make sure your social enterprise can keep making an impact! I believe that video's, or video's for impact as I call them, can literally show your why and the impact you make with a bigger audience. 

All the experiences throughout my life have formed to who I am nowadays. I’m an ambitious, hard working young lady. You tell me I’m not good enough for the language group? Well I worked my ass of to be fluent in Dutch, English & Italian (plus intermediate German, and basic French) despite having dyslexia. I’ve finished my Master degree in Marketing Management within the proposed time while going trough the hardest personal circumstances of my life.

I am Nienke Appels, and I love branding for good!

 I believe in the power of storytelling: the news is here for broadcasting negative stories. I’m here to start telling positive stories.This story is the base of your unique brand. How cool would it be if we can share your unique story trough video's? 

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