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5 Keys things I learned becoming a Brand the Change trainer!

Since I month, I can call myself a certified Brand the Change trainer. #proud Next to my Masters degree in Marketing Management with my brand specialization, I can now say that I deepened my knowledge about branding even more. Please continue reading for the 5 keys things I learned during the 6 months of my (online) training program.

1. Your Brand involves EVERYTHING. Yes you read it correctly. You brand does not stop after creating a name & logo. It's as Anne Miltenburg herself would say: "your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room". Every experience with your brand can shape this image. From the way you send your emails, how your website is designed, to how you dress when you have a business meeting. Therefore it is important to think about all the interaction you and your brand/company have with the outside world.

2. Tools are here to support you, not to do the magic. The magic happens when you have involved team members / participants who are open for a challenge, and who dare to share their ideas and thoughts. Yes, tools are a perfect guide for which steps to take. A great facilitator helps too ;)

3. Preparation is key! Every workshop is different. Different in terms of the group you have in front of you, and their branding knowledge. Different in terms of location, duration, energy. Some exercises go smooth with one client, where this particular part might be a 'nightmare' for another client. As a facilitator it is important to be flexible, and act on different situations. When I know that I'm fully prepared, and own all the materials, I feel the freedom & flexibility to let got of my pre-set agenda if the session requires this. Simply because I know I'm fully capable of getting the most & the best out of my participants and their ideas.

4. Your brand strategy & business strategy go hand-in-hand. If your business strategy is not clear yet, working on your brand strategy can generate useful insights for your business strategy. But in my opinion you will get the most out of your brand strategy sessions if important (overall) strategy decisions are already made.

5. It feels a-ma-zing when the magic happens in terms of branding. This also applies for my personal branding. Without this course, my amazing fellow-students and of course the incredible skilled Anne Miltenburg, I wouldn't have been standing where I am now. Just like the canvas helps me to guide my clients towards their strong & unique brand, these 6 months have guided me to an improved personal brand. Sometimes it's just nice to get an outsider look on things ;)

Did you just get curious how I can guide you towards a strong brand aimed at making the biggest impact possible? Just leave your email & name in the contact section below and I'll reach out to you!

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