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How I Try to Overcome Fear of Rejection as an Entrepreneur (5 Tips!)

Fear of rejection. It has been a major part of my life so far. 1 thing I have come across is that my fears are stopping me and my business from becoming a success. If I don't take action, no one else (read: colleagues or managers) will do it for me. However I made progress over the past months, and I would like to share some interesting facts and tips with you so you can overcome your fears yourself. Okay and I have to admit, I'm also writing this as a reminder to myself..

Last weeks post is one example of overcoming one of my fears. Imagine you shared your business (idea) with the world, put lots of time and energy on writing blogs, designing your website and well, I can continue with a long list of tasks I've done over the past months. I even got nominated for an award because of this business idea! And suddenly you realize this idea was not your best idea. It easy to say for an outsider: well who cares? Clearly I did it. I would love to say that others' opinions don't bother me, but they do. It's nice to hear that people believe in you, your business and all the related ideas. Therefore I postponed sharing the fact that I'm available as a freelance marketer & storyteller for way too long.

Imagine doing the same work for years. Your boss pays you well, you can live a comfortable life and you are surrounded by nice colleagues. But deep down, you have this desire to do something completely different. People compliment me on being so 'brave' by choosing my own path. Does this mean that they are afraid to make this decision themselves? Are they afraid of rejection? Or too many times I hear people around me complaining about their relationships but they are too afraid to be alone and therefore stay in a toxic environment. On the other hand, and now it gets very personal, I have been afraid of rejection so bad, that I just didn't open up for anyone. Not healthy either.

Part of running a business is making sure you find customers who pay for your products and services. In an ideal world, customers come to you, begging you for what you offer. But this is not an ideal world (yet). And again, I feel this fear of rejection coming up.. As I got the advice to start addressing companies/entrepreneurs I would like to work for, this voice inside my head starts talking again. "What if they are not interested?" and even "Why would they choose you rather than a big agency?".

As Jip (friend and Life coach Rotterdam) told me a couple of months ago already: "Rejection is part of life, so you better get used to it", and it was mentioned to me today. Again. Therefore I started googling this subject and came across the following tips that I would like to share with you:

First of all: name your fears! And get clear what your fears consists of.

Face your fears and welcome rejection. After writing down your fears, make a plan to attack these fears. Are you afraid of sales? Plan to connect with 10 possible clients.

Get uncomfortable, every single day. You will find out that rejection doesn't kill you in case you get rejected. Consequently you will expand your comfort zone and what might have seemed impossible months ago, now is part of your daily routine.

Celebrate! Train your brain to be excited when overcoming a fear: you will start looking forward to overcoming fears. Over and over again.

Let the fear guide you, not drive you. Fear is a sign that you are doing something new, and by that it means you're growing.

So I'm going to address potential clients right now. What fear are you going to overcome today?

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