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My one month journey as a #girlboss so far

Exactly one month ago, I launched my "story about making mistakes" into the world. Well maybe not the whole world, but at least with an audience on LinkedIn. The number of (positive) responses has really surprised me, and therefore I want to start with thanking you for all your messages! I did not see this coming.

During the last month, lots of coffee meetings have taken place, I had creative sessions with my cousin, and many people have been willing to brainstorm with me thus far. It is great to see that people are still willing to make time for someone else nowadays, knowing that everyone is busy with their own lives. All these talks have given me insights on different aspects and I have to admit that quite often all sort of ideas are going trough my head while laying in my bed.

Not only am I overwhelmed, scared and insecure, I am also very excited, hungry for more and as of today I'm officially a Business Owner! This morning I went to the chamber of commerce in Rotterdam to officially register Nina Malum. I hear you thinking already; where does this name come from?

Not only does Nina stand for strong in Native American, it is also one of my nicknames (as you might imagine, my name has always been a struggle abroad). Malum means apple in Latin, and at the same time it means evil. As you could guess from my previous post, I would love to make the world a little less evil, however I also believe that no one has to be a complete saint ;). As soon as I came up with this combination I felt that this should be the name for my brand. And for the curious people out there; I came up with the name myself, so no dinner has been awarded..

So what is coming up for the coming weeks? On monday I got a phone call from the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship with the message that I'm accepted for their 'Get Started Programme'. This means that for the coming 12 weeks I will be part of group of start-ups which will be coached for 1 day a week. We will receive workshops on entrepreneurial topics, an immediate network and lots of guidance in order to kick start our businesses.

Furthermore, I want to start working on my webshop design, further develop my brand and well, in essence I want start doing things. However, if you feel in the meantime that it might be valuable for me to have a chat with you, please let me know. I truly believe in the power of sharing our ideas and knowledge. In the end I just want to learn as much as possible and get the most out of this crazy rollercoaster ride. To be continued..

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