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My Special One Year Offer!

Bijgewerkt op: 7 mrt. 2019

This year has been a year of exploration, finding my passions, and focussing on what I actually want to achieve in my life. You might remember my first idea: the fair trade webshop ( which I still might start one day. About half a year ago it became clear to me (with the help from Glancy) that I want to help social entrepreneurs and start-ups with their branding.

Over the last month I've held some strategy sessions with myself (talking about implementing the lean start up methodology), and it made me super focused. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I get energy from giving workshops. I love giving branding advice to fellow entrepreneurs. Based on these insights, I'm going to completely focus on being a brand coach for social entrepreneurs and start-ups!

As today it is exactly one year ago that I got the call from Google, I'd like to introduce the special offer I made for the month of March: *Drumrolls please*

I offer you: a 1 hour, brand strategy consult for 50 euros* only!

I had people reaching out to me with their branding & marketing questions. I've had talks with social entrepreneurs who would love to get help but say that "they just don't have the budget". Therefore I'd like to offer you the opportunity to ask your most challenging branding or marketing question to me for 50 euros* only.

What will you get out of this sessions?

- A 1 hour, one-on-one advice tailored on your biggest branding/marketing question.

- A clear idea on what actions you can take for the coming month to step up your branding & marketing game.

- No strings attached (however, I would love to offer follow up services of course).

I can obviously tell you that I have a MSc in Marketing Management with a brand management specialization from the Erasmus University. And that I was a brand consultant for my first job with clients such as Exact, while I'm currently the brand builder for the start-up Extraordinary Life. However I'd prefer to share an experience from an entrepreneur who experienced my consult:

Nienke asked me very specific questions to find out what my goal is, and she brainstormed with me on this topic. In a very short time we had my target audience clear. Based on this, I received a clear & concise marketing strategy. I got a lot of insights within 1 hour, so no unnecessary hours for me as a client. - Charlotte van der Pluijm, owner of

Some of the terms:

- The 1 hour consult will be face-to-face in Rotterdam.

- Otherwise we can have a phone/Skype call.

- To get the most out of this 1 hour consult, you will send the branding/marketing question that keeps you awake at night to me via email at least 1 day before the consult.

- You will receive an invoice immediately after the consult, payment is done within 7 days.

- * 50 euros excluding VAT

Is there something not clear yet? Or you have multiple questions that you would like to tackle? Please shoot me an email at and I can see how I can help you. You can't wait to start? Please book your session here!

Hope to see you soon in Rotterdam/on Skype!

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