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Oops, I didn't blog for more than 6 months..

Yes, you read it correctly: I haven't blogged for 7 months! Can you believe it? Jeez, time flies when you are working on your business. And I must say, a lot of things have happend over the past half year. Both good and bad things, but I won't bother you with this.

What I actually wanted to share with you that it is okay if life happens. It's normal that there are times where inspiration is just not simply there. Or that there are times where you decided that you had other priorities. For me, my priorities have been more focused on making video's for example.

Yes it was scary, but I love seeing the progress I have made so far. It's amazing to see how much traction I got because of the video's I posted on LinkedIn! And, last but not least, video's are a great medium for literally documenting the progress you make. When I compare my first video with the latest one, it is almost hard to believe that you can make this much progress in only 3 months only.

However, I still love writing down my thoughts and feelings. To all other perfectionist out there: you don't need a scientific piece before you can post something. Look at this blog for example ;) It is good for your brand awareness though to post something every now and then. And Google also loves to see your updates: it means that you continuously work on new things and therefore you are not a robot who just wants to spam their search engine. SEO wise it is important to keep posting.

Therefore I decided to share with you guys that I'm still alive, and I will promise that the next blog won't take another 6 months to right. In case you want to receive frequent updates: please follow me on Instagram: @nienkeappels or find me on LinkedIn.

Till next time!

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