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Oops, I dit it again!

'Mistakes are the portals of discovery' - James Joyce

Oops. It has been quiet for some time now, and I know I promised an update. I have to admit though that it is quite scary to write this update, since I need to tell you that I made another mistake..

Okay I won't call it a mistake, but I needed to grap your attention! What I've been wanting to share with the world, but was afraid of, is the following:

I will not continue with Nina Malum as you know it!

The idea of Nina Malum started around March, when I made my "first mistake" you remember? Fair trade was my shortcut to a better world. And I still believe it is: I see beautiful fair trade products in old-fashioned stores. Not targeting the younger, conscious generation. There are plenty of amazing initiatives out there, and I wanted to collect beautiful products, create a kickass brand, and sell them online trough my webshop.

During my start-up program I soon started to have this gut feeling that this was actually not my best idea. I couldn't tell why exactly but it caused lots of frustration I can tell you. It made me insecure: what if I wasted my time working on this project? Will it ever be commercially interesting? How can I ever trust my suppliers? As this effected me personally I decided to start with a coaching trajectory in August.

Augusts was a great month for me: I was fully focused on growing as person and as a business. I believe after one week of coaching by Glancy I came to the realization that the Nina Malum idea was actually not my true dream.. It became so clear that helping others is wat drives me. Helping others though is a very broad concept, so let it make me clear for you what I mean with this.

I want to help social entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy & storytelling. It is fascinating to see the different social enterprises which exists nowadays. However from most of the businesses we don't know of their existence, while all are busy making an impact on this world. By creating a marketing strategy for the social entrepreneurs and sharing their stories with the world I want to help them create a bigger impact.

Therefore I'm available as a freelance marketer & storyteller. The news is here for broadcasting negative stories. I’m here to start telling positive stories, your story, to share positivity. I will do this under my own name, Nienke Appels. Will Nina Malum completely disappear then? Well I've been working a different website ( lately, but this is still under construction. Maybe I blend these 2 website, maybe I'll just fix a redirect.

If there is one thing that I've learned the past 6 months is that you have only 1 security as an entrepreneur: making 'mistakes' (and consequently adjusting ideas) is not inevitable. Please reach out to me if you are ready for your organization to have a bigger impact on this world!

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