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Why You Should Start Doing and Stop Dreaming

Why is it so easy to postpone actions? My coach Glancy already asked me to perform a task a few weeks in a row, but I had to admit again, that I didn’t follow up on this. We discussed this, as I’m normally a very hands-on person. I remembered that I took a picture from a quote while reading the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action”. – Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister.

It sounds so logical, yet it’s something we tend to forget. I’ll give you an example.

Something I said for ages was that I really wanted to try pole fitness. You know, pole dancing, but in an exercise form (sorry guys, there won’t be any girls in bikini’s performing sexy dances). It was not until my roommate (shout out to you Maxime) gave me a trial class for my birthday that I started with this. Tonight will be our second class. We both had to cancel in the meanwhile due to infections, but so far it looks like there are no antibiotics that can stop us tonight!

Another example: I love writing blogs. When I’m in the flow I can write a complete story in less than 1 hour. However I felt the pressure of showing my knowledge as a “branding expert”. I can guarantee you, immediate writers block! Just by starting writing about topics that are relevant for me, my flow is coming back. By taking actions that bring me closer to my goal, I instantly got more inspiration for more content. Yesterday I wrote a killer blog, unfortunately I can’t publish this until late January as it relates to an interview I gave which will be published around the end of next month.

Taking action is just as important for a person as it is for a business. Many entrepreneurs/decision makers wonder if it will be the right time for using resources (read: time & money) on their branding and marketing strategy. It is easy to say that you will think yourself of what needs to be done for your rebranding. It can sound and look like a never-ending project, which makes it even harder to start working on such a big project. We didn’t even start yet about all other tasks, deadlines and other obligations associated with your job description..

By starting by taking action, even the tiniest actions, you immediately start the process. You will find out that by actually doing stuff, you get in the flow of taking more action, which results in a higher output. And as Benjamin Disraeli said, there is no happiness without action. Of course it’s up to you how you define happiness. For this blog I would like to say that happiness is a strong brand with loyal customers ;)

What if we start today by taking real action? Leave a comment, or message me, if you feel like you/your company can use a marketing boost! Together we will create a step-by-step guideline on how to approach this. Wouldn’t it be great to upgrade your brand rather than just dreaming about “what if I’d do...”?

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